The JSFA fashion brand launching video is finally here! I'll explain why I felt the need to bring fashion and art together and start my new brand; what it means to me and why it is connected to this particular cause.

It's been an incredible journey so far being able to use my oil paintings for this clothing line and seeing it come alive. Sometimes we are so driven to do (or create) certain things and it can take us a long time realizing the reason behind it and personally connecting all of the dots. When we finally do, I believe, our vision becomes clearer and our focus more vigorous.


New items added: Check out our new Handbags, Tote Bags and finally we now have Travel Bags as well! 

Red Rose Handbag By JSFA Fashion For Women

This is my all time favorite everyday handbag. It has the option to be used as a cross-body bag and I love being able to find everything quickly when opening the bag due to its solid leather that keeps the bag in its shape.

Women's Tote Bags By JSFA Art On Fashion

This blue ocean Tote Bag has gotten most attention this month. The image for this bag was taken from one of my favorite paintings called "Spellbound"

Thanks for all of the wonderful comments and emails I have received for finally putting this launching video together. It took me a while to finish this video and it was very emotional for me due to the fact that I had to explain the connection of the brand with the cancer cause for my mother.  

But now that it is done I can concentrate on designing and working towards the goal of the brand and its cause.

Thank you all for your tremendous support!

Jenny Simon